Ukulele Ico file...++HI FOLKS! I hope that you are all keeping well. Are you managing to keep in touch with your frinds and family? Well I'm trying to keep in touch with YOU! LIVESTREAM workshops happen on a Tuesday and Thursday each week and there's a TON of YouTube Tutorial Videos now live! Have you listened to the PODCAST? All the links are down below,so please check them out! Stay safe all. Mr C ::==={o |} ++++

There will be no LIVESTREAM w/b 20th July 2020

Latest Podcast Episode here...

Livestream recordings: available by clicking here...

'WHIPpick-a-way' - a
gentle introduction to
finger picking

'UkuleleRocks!Jam!' - in company
for a jam through lots of
pieces covered so far!

'12BarBluesPLUS!' - progressing
through the 12 Bar Blues

'The G7 Summit!' - building up to
the dreaded G7 chord!

'Rock n Roll Lions' - utilising the G7 chord

'7 C's to Fly!' songs with F, C
and C7

'For F-er C!' - moving between
chords of F and C

'Exploring the Open Strings'
All open strings, no fingers!

'Off to Sea!' - building up
to the chord of C

Welcome to 'UkuleleRocks!'

'UkuleleRocks!' is a ukulele teaching website. It is an aid to teaching the Wider Opportunities/ Whole Class ukulele initiative in school classrooms in the UK.

It serves as a resource for the pupil to play at home, using backing tracks with the opportunity to also download music sheets for offline playing and enjoyment.

  • It can also be used for individual tuition and learning by working through the Lessons as listed.

  • To find out what ukuleles are available, and where to buy them online, have a look at the Buyers guide .

  • To help tune your ukulele try using the advice on the Tuning page.

  • To learn all the chords needed to play EVERYTHING on 'UkuleleRocks!' take a look at the Chords resource.

  • If you'd like to get in touch to discuss all things ukulele related, then do use the Contact page.

Thank you.

Mr C




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