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Lesson Sheet

'12 Bar Blues for you!'

  • First learn the following pattern of chords. Play each chord once and count 4 beats

  • The brackets () on the second chord on the second line indicate that you may choose to play the chord of F or the trickier chord of F7

     C 2  3  4 C 2  3  4  C      C7

     F     F       C      C

    G7   F       C      C     [finish:C7]


  • Now let's make it sound a little more interesting.

    • Play each chord twice.

    • Change the tempo (speed) at which you play.

    • Split the 12 Bar Blues up. 

      • Group 1 - play the 12 Bar.

      • Group 2 - play an 'echo.'

    • Write some simple words and change it into a song!

Alternative 12 bar version trickier and more 'interesting' chords....



     C 2  3  4 C 2  3  4  C      C7

     F     F7       C      C7

    G7   F              G7    [finish:C7]


(Robert Johnson 1911 - 1938)






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