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Lesson Sheet


This Old Man


  • Lots of fun to play in tab or chords! Enjoy!

    C             C             F              G7

A -------------|-------------|--0-----------|---------------|-

E -----0-------|-----0-------|--------1--0--|-----0--1--0-1-|-

C -------------|-------------|--------------|--2------------|-

G --0-----0----|--0-----0----|-----0--------|---------------|-


    C               C             G7             C  G7 C

A ---------------|---------------|--------------|-------------||

E ---------------|------0-1------|-----------1--|--0----------||

C -----0--0-0-0--|--0-2----------|-----2--2-----|-----2--0----||

G --0------------|----------0----|--0-----------|-------------||





If you'd like some help with the lyrics to this well known Nursery Rhyme try the handy picture above!

Or if you'd like a full set of lyrics Click here...











Thanks to my lil' friend Jacob for the inspiration to arrange this!
Keep practising with yer Dad pal!



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