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 Quiz Time !

Please choose what you'd like to play...

·         Parts of the Ukulele - Tough little quiz with 10 parts of the ukulele to name. Can you get them all, even with a little help?

·         Many Questions / Many Questions Easier - 15 questions all about the ukulele, technique and songs and pieces learned from the web site.

·         Name the Instrument - 17 instruments. Like Pokemon, can you name them all?!

·         Musical Styles - 22 different musical styles. Can you identify them all?

      Name the Orchestral instrument and Group - Name the instrument from the orchestra and then group them in to their orchestral families.


Parts of the instrument...

Parts of the Ukulele
Many Questions Stitch...
Many Questions
Instrument Quiz...
Name the Instrument
Musical Styles...
Musical Styles

Name/ Group Instrument
Many Questions Stitch...

Many Question Easier!

Online Games:

Identify the Musical instrument!  - Listen to the sound played and then correctly identify the instrument from a choice of three!

Musical Instrument Identifier! - Can you name the pictured instrument form a choice of four labels?

Mighty Music Man! - Can you help retrieve the stolen instruments?!

Musical Instruments Hangman - Does what is says on the tin! but even with the given clues, can be a bit of a challenge!

Musical Instruments Anagram Game - Wow! Even with a clue and the excellent 'Countdown' clock and music - this is tough!!



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