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Recordings from St Johns C of E Primary Academy.

'123 Shush' 14/10/2016

All Elephants' 14/10/2016

'A.E.C.G. - The Song' 14/10/2016

'Chill Out Walk' 14/10/2016

'Fanfare: Steppin Up!' 9/12/2016

Jingle Bells 9/12/2016

Rudolph 9/12/2016

007/ James Bond Theme 17/2/2017

Relax at Three 17/2/2017

Frere Jacques 17/2/2017

There's No One Here Today 17/2/2017

Slide Charlie Brown! Slide 17/2/2017

'Drunken Sailor' 14/10/2016

Silent Night 9/12/2016

Away in a Manger 9/12/2016

Santa Claus is Coming to Town 9/12/2016

Chinese Temple 27/1/2017

Strolling Along 27/1/2017

Evening Melody 27/1/2017

Fingers and Thumbs 27/1/2017

German Dance 17/2/2017

Kookaburra Tab Melody 17/2/2017

Merrily We Roll Along 17/2/2017









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