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Stay with Me by Sam Smith

  • This hit song of 2015 can be a very simple to play song.
  • You can get away with just three chords!
  • BUT....(there's always a 'BUT')...the timing, or playing of these chords is a little tricky!


Play them like this...

You need to count carefully and the same sequence of chords will go through the entire song! Kind of...


The Advanced Version!

I said "Kind of...!"

The chorus section has an extra two chords that are quite tricky to fit in and play quickly. but as always, not impossible with a bit of practise and they DO sound good!

So here are the two new chords, as well as the original three...

They fit in the Chorus like this...

            Am     F       C

Won't you stay with me?

            Am     F    C

Cause you're all I need

G          Am        F            C

This ain't love it's clear to see

G#dim Am        F      C

But darling, stay with me



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