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Lesson Sheet


'Smoke on the Water' 

The Bass Line:
  • First make a normal chord of C.
  • Then, keep your third finger down and lift up the other two.
  • Next, place your second finger on the second string in the third fret - next to your third finger.
  • Great chord, great sound for ROCK!



The Lead Line:

We are going to split this line at first...

G --0--3--5-----|--0--3--6-5-----|--0--3--5-----|--3--0----------||

Now learn to play the same riff on the 'C' string... 

C --0--3--5-----|--0--3--6-5-----|--0--3--5-----|--3--0----------||

  • We can now split into 3 groups!...

    • Group 1 - play the Bass Line chord (C5)

    • Group 2 - play the riff on the G string

    • Group 3 - play the riff on the C string...

    Sorted? GREAT! LET'S ROCK!

    (Deep Purple c.1969)


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