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 [There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

“1, 2, 3, SHUSH!” (Teachers)

‘1, 2, 3 Shush!’ is a quick, easy, first piece to learn on the ukulele – and it sounds good!

  • Use a ‘Flying Thumb’ to strum down through all four strings.
  • Strum down three times.
On the fourth time instead of playing the strings, raise your first finger on your strumming hand to your lips and say “Shush!”

Do this four times ‘Shushing’ and then four times replacing the ‘Shush’ with a click of your fingers!



  • To write down the rhythm of '1,2,3,Shush!' we would do it like this...





  • If you're accompanying your class learning these beginner pieces and would like an extra challenge...!

  • This beginners piece is based around a chord of 'A minor' or Am as it is written.

  • To make this chord put the 2nd finger on your Left Hand on the fourth (top) string of your ukulele in the second space (fret) and push hard!

  • Play all four strings three times along with your class - dont forget to 'shush!'

  • We can represent the Am chord in a chord diagram  below....more about chords and their diagrams can be found here...



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