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Welcome to 'UkuleleRocks!'

'UkuleleRocks!' is a ukulele teaching website. It is an aid to teaching the Wider Opportunities/ Whole Class ukulele initiative in school classrooms in the UK.

It serves as a resource for the pupil to play at home, using backing tracks with the opportunity to also download music sheets for offline playing and enjoyment.

  • It can also be used for individual tuition and learning by working through the Lessons as listed.

  • To find out what ukuleles are available, and where to buy them online, have a look at the Buyers guide .

  • To help tune your ukulele try using the advice on the Tuning page.

  • To learn all the chords needed to play EVERYTHING on 'UkuleleRocks!' take a look at the Chords resource.

  • If you'd like to get in touch to discuss all things ukulele related, then do use the Contact page.

Thank you.

Mr C

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