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Lesson Sheet


'Oh My Darling, Clementine'

  • In our version of 'Oh My Darling, Clementine' try playing the verse two times; Firstly using single chord strums and then second time strumming in time with the beat.

  • Or if you would like to learn to play the Tab Melody to Clementine...please click here...

            F                         F
Oh my dar-ling, Oh my dar-ling, 
            F                        C
Oh my dar-ling Clem-en-tine
             C7                        F
You are lost and gone for ev-er
                C                      F
Dread-ful sor-ry Clem-en-tine


To listen to a recording of the above version of 'Clementine' click on 'Play.'

My friends at Holy Head Primary School, Wednesbury would be pleased to sing it for you!

(Feb 2011)  

The Tab Melody to Clementine...

Click here to download the Tab Melody arrangement below

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