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Jake Shimabukuro ( )


  • Jake 'Shim-a-bu-kuro' is a Japanese/ Hawaian virtuoso of the ukulele - he is VERY good!

  • He first picked up the ukulele at 4 years old.

  • His mother was his first teacher but he went on to study and take lessons for many years.

Mr C has been very lucky to meet Jake twice!


The first time was in 2015 in Jake's concert in Bath...



Jake was very nice and spoke to Mr C after the concert


The next time Mr C met Jake was 7 years later in 2022 in Birmingham at a concert Jake played at the Glee Club...



(If you do not have YouTube access then please click here...)


Again, Jake was very nice and extremely brilliant when he performed. Also again, he spoke with Mr C after the concert. It was a great evening.


One of Jake's most skilled performances is his playing of George Harrison's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' This is an old video and a bit blurry, but very special. He is playing outside in Central Park in New York...



(If you don't have YouTube access then please click here...)


If you want to see AMAZING then fast forward to 2:37 and watch how FAST that strumming hand can get!


Mr C's favourite is still the beautiful 'Sakura Sakura.'




Jake plays a very special instrument made by Hawaian Ukulele Company 'Kamaka' (click here to vist their web site)

It's very difficult to get hold of one if you wanted to buy it! Go and take a look at it by clicking here...


Only $5,000 dollars or £4077 in June 2022!!





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