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Backing track

Lesson Sheet


(Backing Vocals beautifully provided by Class 4BH at Hamstead Junior School Dec 2023)

“Silent Night"

  • There are 3 verses to this carol...why not try playing along to the backing track without singing?

    • Verse 1 - Single chords, as marked

    • Verse 2 - Strum through the chords

    • Verse 3 - Single chords, as marked

  • Of course if you do wish to sing the carol then the full lyric is below!


C        C        C      C
Silent night, Holy night
G7    G7      C      C
All is calm, all is bright
F                 F         C                   C
round yon virgin, mother and child
F       F              C                C
Holy infant so tender and mild
G7        G7           C C
Sleep in heavenly p-eace,
C          G7           C            (C)
Sleep in heavenly peace

C         C         C      C

Silent night, Holy night
G7                G7         C        C
Shepherds quake, at the sight
F            F                     C               C
Glories stream from heaven a-far
F                F                   C        C
Heavenly hosts sing Allelu-ia
G7              G7              C  C
Christ the Saviour is b-orn,
C                G7               C             C
Christ the Saviour is born

C         C         C      C
Silent night, Holy night
G7          G7     C                  C
Song of God, loves pure light
F             F                    C              C
Radiant beams from thy holy face
F              F                  C              C
with the dawn of re-deeming grace
G7      G7                 C C
Jesus Lord at thy b-irth
C        G7                 C             C
Jesus Lord at thy birth

Many thanks to Mr. J Shepherd for the backing track. (

Why not have a go at learning the Tab part to the melody? It sounds very nice with so many open strings in it.
Download the tab part by clicking here...


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