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All Elephants Can Grumble: THE SONG! (Teachers)

  • You have probably learned to play the piece of music called 'All Elephants' by why not have a go at learning the song?

  • In the middle there is a solo to play on the ukulele, so remember to stop singing!

  • The Song is, er, a little naughty...but in a fun way! We wouldn't want to be rude now, would we?!

( Am  C  F  G - teachers chords )

All Elephants Can Grum-ble

They like to moan a lot

Their trunks are very long

And sometimes filled with…(s)not very much?


All Elephants Can Grum-ble

They have a very big tum

It’s always full of food

Which gives them a very big…bumP on their back!


 A A E E C C G G | A A E E C C G G | A A E E C C G G |

A A E E C C G G G G G G G G ||

All Elephants Can Grum-ble

Helps us learn all our 4 strings

A and E and C and G

Will help us learn new things…


Here is a little demo of the start of the song by my friends at Holyhead Primary School, Wednesbury  just to let you know how it is supposed to go.


If you think parachuting elephants are bad... scroll down...





(We're this far down to avoid the surprise of the elephants!! LOL!)
  • This is another example of where a few chords by you, can accompany your class beautifully!

  • You've already covered some of these chords in 'All Elephants...'

  • Try playing these chords using the finger nail on your right hand, first finger going down through all the strings firmly! This will make you sound louder when accompanying the singing of your children.
  • Here are the chords...

  • Play each chord two times...and repeat!

  • To print this out please Click here...




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