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Lesson Sheet


Theme from Beethoven's 5th Symphony

  • Beethoven's 5th Symphony was written in 1804 - 1808. At this time Beethoven had been deaf for around 8 years!

  • It has one of the most famous openings of ANY piece of music.

  • As soon as you put your first finger down on the second string, leave it there. It will make the playing much easier.


A ----------|----------|----------|---------|-

E --3-3-3-|----------|--1-1-1-|----------|-

C ----------|-3-------|----------|-2-------|-

G ----------|---------|----------|----------|-


A -------------|----------------|--------------|-----------------|----

E --3--3--1--|----------------|----3--3--1--|----------------|----

C -------------|-3--3--3--2--|-0------------|--3--3--3--2--|-0--

G -------------|---------------|---------------|----------------|-----


A -------------|-----------|-----------|---------------||-

E --3--3--1--|-----------|-----------|---------------||-

C -------------|-3--------|-0---------|--------------||-

G -------------|----------|------------|---0----------||-



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