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Blinding Lights - The Weeknd



  • If you would like a slightly easier single string arrangement of this song Click here...

  • These are slightly 'modified' chords for ease of playing this song.

  • Note the unusual fingering to the Dm chord. As it always follows the G9 chord in this song it seems a more accessible way to play it! But of course you could play it the more standard way.

  • The entire song works with these chords played 8 times each;


G9 x 8 | Dm x 8 | F x 8 | C x 8 ||




Easier Single String Method


There is a slightly easire way to play along with this song...

Try setting your fingers up on the 2nd (E string) and 3rd string (C String) before you start playing...

  • 2nd finger in the second space, third string

  • 1st finger, first space, second string

  • when you get to the A string take your fingers off ready to put your 3rd finger down in the third space.

A --------------|--------------|--------------|--3--3--3--3--:||

E --------------|--------------|--1--1--1--1--|--------------:||

C --------------|--2--2--2--2--|--------------|--------------:||

G --0--0--0--0--|--------------|--------------|--------------:||


It should sound a little like this...










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