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Backing track


 [There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

“Chill Out Walk!”

Picture the scene...'re lying on a beach, on  a deckchair drinking fruit juice out of a coconut. The waves are gently lapping at the shoreline and a quiet breeze blows across the sands...and you hear the sound of calm, chilled music drifting across this perfect image....

Now...stop dreaming!

A rainy day in the West Midlands may be a long way away from the beautiful picture we've created but we can still create that music!!

  • The 'Chill Out Walk' takes your fingers for a walk up the A String of your ukulele.
  • Remember to put one finger in one space (fret) of the ukulele.

                                             Open                '1'                     '2'                     '3'

We will play each 'shape' 4 times, when we get to the last 'shape' then we'll work our way backwards and then stop at the 'Open' shape.

Listen to the backing track at the top of the page to help you.

           (shape)           (beats)

||: 'Open'  2  3  4  | '1'  2  3  4 | '2'  2  3  4 | '3'  2  3  4 | '2'  2  3  4 | '1' 2  3  4 | 'Open'    :||

(Remember to play it twice through...did you spot the 'repeat marks? They look like this - ' ||:     :||' )

Just in case you'd like to hear what the 'Chill Out Walk' sounds like, my friends in Y6 at Holyhead School recorded it for you!


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