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Claves - many and varied ways!

  • How many different ways can you find to play the claves?

  • How about NINE?!

  • Need some help? Then check out the photos below...

(No. Not this one!)

Year 6 children finding nine different ways to play claves!














Can you find any other ways to play the claves?!




  • Try using this rhyme in your copy-cat rhythm games...



"Clatter, clatter clackity-clack

I play a rhythm and you play it back

So listen close and then you'll see

that you can play your claves like me

My. Turn. First... XX XX XXX X

Now you play... XX XX XXX X "



  • When the teacher is reading out the rhyme, the rest of the class should be keeping a steady beat in time with the teachers rhythm of their voice

  • Stop after the teacher says " My. Turn. First... "


'Tap Your Sticks!'




(Click here to watch the video without YouTube)



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