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Lesson Sheet


Dance Monkey by Tones and I


  • There are a few ways to play along with this popular dance floor hit from 2019

  • Both of them are repetetive and feature throughout the song. See if you can find any interesting ways to make them! Ha ha ha!!


Tab 1


The simplest single line method;


     A --0--0--0--0--|--------------|--------------|--------------|-

     E --------------|--1--1--1--1--|--------------|--0--0--0--0--|-

     C --------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|-

     G --------------|--------------|--0--0--0--0--|--------------|-


The Chords


Note the 'alt.' or alternative version of fingering the chord Em. Some people find this easier after playing the G chord previously - try it!






Dance Monkey - the Original version


  • The original version of this hit song is in a much more challenging key and uses a harder set of chords!

  • Give it a go! Good luck!





Download the lesson sheet for the original version...




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