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Good To Be Me

  • Chosen as communal song for SMAS Class Jam Festival 2016

  • Scroll down to learn a little more about Sign Language...


One Two Three

Good to be me

One. Two. Three.

One Two Three

Good to be me

and I want the World to know

it's good to be me

I'm a special person

and there's only one of me

and no one else is prouder

of the person that is me

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  • 'Good To Be Me' is a song that is signed for people who are deaf.

  • Deaf people can 'talk' using their hands to make signs that mean words

  • Deaf people use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language. 'BSL is a rich visual language with its own grammar and structure, distinct from English.'

  • Mr C has two friends - David and Tanvir - who are both brilliant people, but also happen to be deaf.

  • Mr C is trying to learn to talk with them both by using British Sign Language. It's VERY hard and they are both brilliantly patient with him!

Here they are doing something they all enjoy - running! David, Mr C and Tanvir.

  • If you would like to know how to make words in Sign Language, try this online Sign Dictionary. Think of a word and type it in! Click here...


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