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Backing track

Lesson Sheet

[There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]


  • This piece is a series of chords, or finger placements in the left hand that are finger picked instead of strummed.

  • It has a 'classical' music, arpeggio style to it.

First lets learn the finger picking pattern...

Say the words 'In-side-out-side' to your self.

Next take your thumb and first finger on your right hand and place your thumb on the C (3rd) string and your first finger on the E (2nd) string.

These are the 'in-side' strings.

Play them in 'thumb-finger' order ('C' then 'E')

After that move your thumb and first finger to the 'out-side' strings - thumb on the G (4th) first finger on the A (1st) string.

Again, play them in 'thumb-finger' order ('G' then 'A')

Can you play the sequence of 4 string two times? Listen to the recording to check you've got it!

Now let's learn the left hand finger positions...

Play each shape with the 'In-side-out-side' pattern from above

Play each shape two times

Finish on a strummed chord of C

REMEMBER! Start slowly, then practise to get the picking even and faster.

Try playing along with the demonstration...

(If you would prefer to read this piece in Tab Notation then Download the Lesson Sheet from the link above)

So let's put the piece together with the backing track...

First try playing along with the guide ukulele on the backing track...

Finally try playing along with the backing track, without the guide ukulele part.




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