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Hen with Chicks... Spanish Flag...

Los Pollitos Dicen


  • This is a lovely little Childrens song sung in Spain


  • It is all about the sound that the little chicks make when they are hungry and how the Mother Hen comes to look after them!


In Spanish...


Los pollitos dicen

F            C
pío, pío, pío
F                      C

cuando tienen hambre
G7                   C

cuando tienen frío.



La gallina busca
F                 C

el ma-íz y el trigo

F                 C

les da la comida

G7           C

y les da abrigo.



Bajo sus dos-alas

F                         C
se-están quiete-citos.

F                    C
Hasta (e)l-otro día

G7                    C
duermen los pollitos.

In English...

The baby chicks say,
pío, pío, pío
when they are hungry
when they are cold.

The mother hen finds
the corn and the wheat
she feeds them
and keeps them warm.

Under her two wings
they stay quiet
until the next day
the baby chicks sleep.

To help learn the Spanish pronunciation why not have a look at the YouTube clip to go with this song..

Or try listening to the sound file that goes with this video...

If you want to play along with the YouTube clip you will need to use the chords A D E7 in place of C F G7... then when the song comes back for a second time change chords to B E F#7!!
If you need help with any of those chords then
Click here...


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