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Backing track

Lesson Sheet

[ There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

Merrily We Roll Along'

  • Nearly every instrument in school learns to play this when they are beginning. So why don't we?!

  • We need a new chord for this piece called C7 but it is nice and easy!

  • To play along with the backing track;

    • First listen out for the nice man on the computer counting you in...

    • Then play 4 chords of F on beat number 1 of each bar...

    • Finally strum and sing along using the lyrics below...

    • The whole song is played through twice! SIMPLE!


Mer-ri-ly we roll a-long,

C7             F

Roll along, roll a-long,


Mer-ri-ly we roll a-long

C7                         F

O'er the deep blue sea.



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