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“Miss Mary Mac"

  • This song is very simple, fast, fun and silly!

  • Practise the introductions - they're the tricky bits!


                                                               "Miss               Ma-                -ry                 Mac..."

  C    G7   C7  F       F       F

Miss Ma - ry  Mac, Mac, Mac.

                        F        F        F

All dressed in black, black, black.


with silver buttons, buttons, buttons.

all down her back, back, back.

She can not read, read, read.

She can not write, write, write.

but she can smoke, smoke, smoke.

her fathers pipe, pipe, pipe.


    C    G7     C7   F          F           F

She asked her  mother, mother, mother.

             F        F          F

for fifty pence, pence, pence.


to see the elephant, elephant, elephant.

climb up the fence, fence, fence.

it climbed so high, high, high.

it reached the sky, sky, sky.

and never came back, back, back.

till the 4th of july, -ly, -ly.



  C    G7     C7   F       F         F

She went up   stairs, stairs, stairs.

                             F        F        F

and bumped her head, head, head.

                          F                      C

and now she's DEAAAAAAAD!

There is an 'alternative' ending...but it's challenging!

Take the last line and instead of playing the standard F chord play a trickier, but GREAT sounding Fm and then finish on the C chord as normal!


                          Fm                       C
"and now she's DEAAAAAAAAD!"


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