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 Quiz Time - Many Questions ANSWERS SHEET!!C

1) What size of ukulele do you play?   

a) Tenor


b) Soprano


c) Concert




2) What’s the name for the technique used to play the strings using your thumb?

a) ‘Flying’ Thumb


b) ‘Strumming’ Thumb


c) ‘Playing’ Thumb




3) What's the musical term for playing all 4 strings at the same time, over and over?

a) Strum


b) Swipe


c) Pick



4) How much does a Makala Dolphin ukulele cost on average?

a) £30


b) £50


c) £100



5) How many different sizes of ukulele are there?

a) 5


b) 6


c) 7



6) What Country does the Kookaburra live in?

a) Austria


b) Australia


c) America



7) What are ukulele strings made out of?'

a) Rubber


b) Plastic


c) Nylon



8) How many strings does a ukulele usually have?

a) 4


b) 6


c) 8



9) How many Frets does a soprano ukulele have?

a) 10


b) 12


c) 14



10) How many fingers do you need to make a G7 chord?

a) 1


b) 2


c) 3



11) When you play 'Frere Jacques' you should use which chord?

a) 'A'


b) 'C'


c) 'F'



12) Which strings do you play on in ‘the Cowboy Stroll?’

a) A, C and G


b) A, E and G


c) A, C and E



13) The ukulele is mainly thought to be from which set of Islands?

a) Shetland


b) Hawaii


c) Phillipines



14) 'Rock Those Chords' is a piece using which 2 chords?

a) 'C' and 'G'


b) 'C' and 'Am'


c) 'C' and 'F'



15) Which animal goes with a beginners ukulele piece?

a) Kookaburra


b) Elephant


c) Baby Bumble Bee



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