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 [There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

Mr E's Spider Walk!

  • Don't worry! There's no spiders in this piece! (Mr C is NOT keen on them! )

  • In this piece try to get your fingers nice and round, pushing down on the string, push HARD...and remember - NO CHICKENS!!

  • Also...your playing thumb will need to be on the same string as your fingers.

To play the Spider Walk...

  • Play 4 times on the open A string...then

  • 4 times 1st finger, first fret on the A...then

  • 4 times 2nd finger, second fret on the A...then

  • 4 times 3rd finger, thrid fret on the A...then

  • Next string and repeat!

  • After the C string end the piece with an A minor chord...


Or use the tab notation below if you wish! 



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