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Backing track


[ There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

Fanfare: Steppin' Up! (Teachers)

  • A 'Fanfare' is a a short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments, usually to introduce something or someone important.

  • Our fanfare starts on the bottom string (A) and uses the same rhythm pattern at first "short short lo-ong"

Here it is written out using the string letter names:

.                                                G ____ | G G

.                           C ____ | C C

.       E____ | E E

. A A                                                              AAA ||

   short short long


  • Play the above pattern 4 times in time with the backing track, then there is a break of 4 bars then repeat till the end!



  • You may recognise some of these chords if you've learned the 'Teachers' parts to the other beginner pieces?

  • The strumming (playing) pattern for this piece is a little different to before though...count carefully!

  • Here are the chords...

  • Play them like this....


Chord Am          |Am    C    | C      G     | G    Am     :||

Play  /   /    /   / | /   /    /   / | /   /    /   /  | /   /    / / /   :||










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