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Lesson Sheet

[ There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

'Tab Time 1'

  • Ukulele Tab Notation is written on 4 lines...because...there are 4 strings on a ukulele!

  • The 'problem' with Tab Notation is that it is 'upside-down.' The top line on the notation is 'A' whereas the A string on the ukulele is at the bottom.

  • The 'O' symbol is for an 'Open string - no fingers pressing down.

  • If there is one 'O' - play one time...if it is on the 'A' line in the tab notation then play one time on the A string.

So let's try some Open String tunes to begin with...



Fancy writing your own Tab Notation piece?
Click on the picture below to choose the blank tab notation sheet you need.


Test Time!

 Now...for a little extra practise! One of the examples is WORLD famous!           


Writing your Own Tab Notation Piece!

  • There are 3 TOP TIPS when writing your own Tab Notation...

  • Try writing your own tab compositions using the template. Click on the picture below for your own copy...

Now to make some progress! Why not try some tab tunes using your fingers?

Go and check out the 'Tab Time 2' page for these! Click here!



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