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Lesson Sheet


Rock Music for the Ukulele!

  • Rock Music tends to be loud and involve instruments that are made louder by being electrified and using amplification - like electric guitars.

  • Ukuleles can be electric too! Take a look at my friend Al's unusual electric ukulele in the video below;


  • Al plays a Risa Stick Tenor size electric ukulele

  • He makes his playing carry on with out him by using a loop pedal.

  • The Rock piece we're going to learn is called 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple. 

  • It contains probably the most famous, and well known, guitar riff in Rock!

  • Have a listen to my friend Tony play it on his ukulele first...


  • It sounds a little different when Deep Purple  perform it!

  • Here's a film of the band performing 'Smoke on the Water' in 1973...


  • All you have to do now is learn to play it yourself!




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