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The National Anthem of the United Kingdom: 'God Save the Queen'




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Youth Brass Band playing the National Anthem

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  • As this page is published Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year, 2022

  • She has been a serving Queen, or Monarch for 70 years!

  • We can help memorialise this by learning to play and sing the National Anthem.

  • Click here to learn to play the melody or tab part...



These are the chords that you will need...but for more advanced players (or brave ones!) there is a tricky 'Bb' chord on the last line.

Click here to learn how to play that!


F                   C

God save our gracious Queen

F                   F

Long live our noble Queen

C             C    F

God save the Queen


F                 F

Send her victorious,

C7                 C7

Happy and glorious,

F                   F

Long to reign over us

C7(Bb)     F       C7   F

God       save  our  Queen







The Bb Flat chord


  • The first version is the most common version

  • The second version is the best sounding, but quite tricky one!







The Melody/ Tab Part






Download the parts...


Chords and Lyrics Tab Melody Glockenspiel / Keyboard
Anthem Quiz Sheet Key Stage 1
Colouring Sheet










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