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Lesson Sheet

Guitar Time 1 !Guitar Time 2 ! | Guitar Time 3 ! | Guitar Time 4 ! |


Guitar Time 2 !                                   


Introducing the fingers!


  • To help us play these pieces we are going touse a simple form of guitar music called 'Tab Notation.'

  • We are only going to use the string/s we need.

  • If it says a number - use that number finger on your left hand and put it in the same number fret space...



The A-Train

Backing Track -


||: G -2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2- :||


Going Ga - Ga

Backing Track -


||: G -0--0--0--0-|-2--2--2--2-|-0--2--0--2-|-0--0--0--0- :||

Giraffes and Ants

Backing Track -


||: G -2--0--2--0-|-2--2--0--0-|-2--0--2--0-|-2--2--0--0- :||

Picnic Ants

Backing Track -


||: G -0--0--2----|-0--0--2----|-0--2--0--2-|-0--0--2---- :||



How a Classical Guitar Is constructed...



'Basic' Flamenco techniques!









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