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Lesson Sheet


Classical Music Excerpts

  • Classical music pieces can be VERY long! So we are going to learn some shorter versions, or 'excerpts.'

  • You may recognise some of the tunes?

  • Perhaps you've heard them on the television or at a church wedding service?

  •  Classical Music is also a bit hard on the ukulele so practise well and read the tab notation carefully!


Beethoven's 5th Symphony

A ----------|----------|----------|---------|-

E --3-3-3-|----------|--1-1-1-|----------|-

C ----------|-3-------|----------|-2-------|-

G ----------|---------|----------|----------|-

Ludwig Van Beethoven






To learn how to play the full introduction click here...


Ode to Joy

  • This piece was also written by Beethoven.

A ----------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------|-

E --0--0--1--3--|--3--1--0-----|-------------0--|--0------------|-

C ----------------|-------------2--|--0--0--2-----|--------2-2----|-

G ----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|-

To learn how to play the full theme click here...


Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

A -------0-2-0---0--|-2------------|-

E ---------------------|---------------|-

C -2------------------|---------------|-

G ----0---------0----|------0----0--|- Play this excerpt two times...




Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky




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